Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm supposed to be writing a paper for school. Which is why i am blogging instead, because honestly, this requires so much less of a concentration commitment than a paper does.

Today started out sunny, a lovely reminder of the the few beautiful days we had earlier this week and a very welcome departure from the general horribleness of this part of the year. But now it's raining, and it's very, very windy. Jeremy is off doing interesting things, and the wind is making me paranoid, I keep hearing things in the apartment and thinking that people are breaking in. How did I ever live by myself?

It's going to be a busy few weeks; as soon as I'm done procrastinating in this way I am going to FORCE MYSELF to FOCUS on school work. It must get done this weekend so I can FOCUS this week on work so that I can FOCUS next weekend again on school work so I can FOCUS the week after that again on work. And then, hopefully, there will be a bit of a break. I remember being exceedingly busy during parts of college and I think I was better at it back then. Now there is a part of me that is always evaluating is it really worth it. I actually don't think this is a bad thing, at least not yet, as my natural inclination is to just take on whatever is thrown at me to prove that I can always do the hardest thing. I don't think I want that to be my whole life though, so maybe this is the start of me being better balanced. Or maybe I'm just growing lazy in my old age.

Tomorrow, having finished much of my school work for the weekend because of the amazing FOCUS that I'm about to engage in I'm baking cupcakes with my friend Megan. I'm looking forward to it: the last time I made cupcakes was in college in the middle of the night with Kristin, and it was a good time (we were very FOCUSED). I actually found one of the recipes that we used, I remember it being quite tasty, but it may have just been the lack of sleep or else the general jubilation at being done with my last major college requirement. But beyond the cupcake part of tomorrow, I like Megan and now that we don't share an office I don't see her very much anymore.

Okay. Back to work. For real this time.